samedi 24 juillet 2010

Hi everybody =D


My name is Samantha,I'm 18 , I live in France.
( Pour ceux qui me connaissent, vous savez déja tout !)

I've decided to change my blog, who was before on Skyrock.
I change my blog , because I think Blogspot is really cool, we can post many photographies, and we can customize it !

In this blog, I will expose and share my hobbies, my style, my music, my crushes and so on, so keep an eye on me !

So I will introduce me more precisely !
I'm a student, and I will maybe study in international trading because I've ever dream to work in a foreign country, particulary Japan , because I think it's rewarding and motivating.

And , I've been learning Japanese for almost one year..But I will continue by myself ! I'm really motivated !

[ My dream : Japan > Tokyo > Shibuya , but not only !]

I think you understand it : I love Japan, Japan music, Japan TV dramas, Japan TV Shows, Japan Fashion ( particulary gyaru style ! Actually, I tried to "become" a gyaru,I think this style is a mix of many other styles that I love !).
I love Korean Music , and Korean dramas too !

You can know more things about me on my profile !

Ask me anything you want =) I will reply If it's not rude !

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